Are You Ready For Richmond?

    The third stop of the #TYRProSwimSeries in Richmond, Virginia, is just about underway, and we're excited to experience some incredible races. To support your favorite #TeamTYR athletes, be sure to tune in all weekend long!


    Here’s Why Yoga Is Great For Swimmers

    From professional sports teams to high school gym classes, it seems that just about everyone is diving into the practice of yoga. And perhaps, rightfully so. With an emphasis on breathwork, body awareness and increased flexibility, yoga allows individuals of all levels to explore the concept of movement in an entirely new way. So, how will yoga benefit your training regimen? Read on to find out. YOGA IMPROVES BODY AWARENESS In yoga the physical postures, also referred to as “asanas,” help athletes to better understand their bodies. By emphasizing proper alignment, each pose teaches students how to correctly strengthen, lengthen and balance. In addition, enhanced body awareness allows for athletes…