5 Tips For Making The WP Team, Straight From Maggie Steffens

Ever wonder what it takes to play water polo? Are you eager to sign up for a team? If so, then read on below for tips from 2x Olympic gold medalist and USA Water Polo National Team Captain Maggie Steffens!

Start By Doing Your Research

If you aren’t sure of what teams exist in your area, begin by heading to This is a great resource for finding registered club teams. If you have friends or family that already participate in the sport, they can also be a huge help.

Reach Out

Once you find a team you’re interested in trying, send an email to the coach of your age group asking if you can visit a practice. If you already have a friend on a team, see if you can go with them. Just remember to always be respectful to the coach and ask before showing up. I still remember at my club, Diablo Water Polo, friends of friends used to come to practice all the time simply because they heard it was fun.

Show Your Dedication

This is where the real work comes in. After you’ve officially joined a program, be sure to put your entire self into it. Never be afraid to ask how you can get better, and always commit to being the hardest worker on the team. Scoring outside help through a camp or the 6-8 Sports App is also a great way to improve and stay competitive. Water polo is a tough sport, but the more you commit, the more you will get out of it.


When you join a water polo team you’re joining a family. As a community, we are goofy and authentic. So remember to always be yourself, no matter what that means. This really is a “friends for life” type of sport, and I can promise you that above all else, it is meant to be FUN!  Of course you will need to work hard, but it’s also okay to crack a joke, do a dance move or try a fun, new shot. Let yourself be a kid!

Always Find New Ways To Grow

If you want to excel in the sport of water polo, it’s important to experience it in different ways. Watching a nearby college game or checking out old Olympic videos of Team USA on Youtube are great for creating some inspiration. Once you’re feeling motivated, hop into the pool and mimic the moves you saw. After all, water polo is all about imagination and creativity. So, aim high. Visualizing yourself in those elite level situations, will help to get you on the team of your dreams.

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