Behind the Design: WHAAM

If there is one thing athletes know about TYR, it is that we aren’t afraid to stand out. From color to composition, everything we create is constructed to help you look and feel your best.  So it is no wonder that we take the aesthetic of our swimsuits very seriously.

Designed here in-house, our swim prints are fully unique to our brand. But just how do our artists come up with the attention-grabbing designs you see year after year? Well, for starters it’s all about thinking outside of the box.

To give you an inside look at how one of our most popular training prints came to be, read on below.

WHAAM, a new print to hit shelves this year, began in what we believe to be a pretty unlikely place. Originally tasked with creating a competitive looking print for elite swimmers on the Olympic stage, our artists began by playing with the look and construction of traditional carbon fiber. Through a number of drafts and tons of research, they decided to add pop art elements that would afford swimmers the colorful details native to our brand.



While working to make this highly technical concept a bit more abstract and fun, the design team couldn’t resist adding in explosive imagery, reminiscent of old school comic books. Once they saw firsthand just how vibrant the print could be, they knew it would ultimately take on a life of its own. And from here, WHAAM was officially born.

Today, if you look closely at WHAAM you can still identify carbon fiber elements throughout its background. However, playing with size and color has helped this print to come alive in an entirely novel way. As a training suit the 100% Polyester construction still provides swimmers and triathletes with the durability they need for 300+ hours of performance. However, the playful aesthetic keeps things light for athletes who are ready to not just go through the motions, but truly enjoy their workout.

WHAAM is available for purchase on and in a number of retail shops.