Celebrating Moms

At TYR, we’re lucky to say that many of the athletes that sport our logo not only inspire the masses on race day, but also in their every day, family lives.

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we’re excited to celebrate all of the incredible women near and dear to our hearts. So to do that, we’re vowing to get active with the ones we love. Want to join in on the fun? Then get out there this weekend!

For some inspiration, scroll down below to see how our TYR mamas do family time. Whether it’s a hike or a trip to the beach, they may just inspire you to liven up your own holiday plans.

Grab your suit or a comfy blanket and hit the beach. 


Indulge in some friendly competition at the pool or on a run.


Take in the view at a new hiking trail.


Relax with a much deserved nap!