Going For Gold With The Fly Girls Of TYR

When it comes to owning a lane few women are as well known in the butterfly stroke as Team TYR athletes Dana Vollmer and Kelsi Dahlia. With Olympic medals and world championships, both Dana and Kelsi have made waves on the international stage at the highest levels of competition. However, with 2020 quickly approaching, these ladies have set their sights on more.

To find out what’s keeping them motivated this time around, read our exclusive chat below.

For “Momma On A Mission” Dana Vollmer, competition is nothing new. Having earned 7 Olympic and 16 world championship medals, Dana has come to be known as one of the most reliable, decorated women in the sport. And yet if you ask her, the mission is far from over. Why? Because for Dana, the sport of swimming is as much about self-discovery as it is about podium finishes.

“I’m still learning the butterfly,” she says. “I’ve never been afraid to play around with different techniques and rhythms, and so for me, the stroke is always changing.”

Making her first Olympic team at just sixteen years old, Dana credits much of her success to the  leaders she had an opportunity to learn from. Today, she is happy to work with the new generation of butterfly swimmers and to hopefully have the same positive impact on them. “It’s not just about me,” she says. “I want to see the American team be successful. I want us all to grow with the sport.”

For Olympian Kelsi Dahlia, Dana has been an incredible inspiration. And so, Kelsi’s dreams came full circle in 2016 when she earned her place on the Olympic team alongside an athlete she has always admired.

However, since walking away with her first Olympic medal, Kelsi is confident in her ability to do more. “I still love everything about the sport. Aside from going to “work” with my best friends every day, I genuinely enjoy training and racing. I’m constantly improving, and I know there’s a lot more for me to accomplish in my career. I’m ready to prove to the world what else I can do.”  

Whether you’re preparing for another season with your high school team or hoping to make your way to the world stage, finding your “why” is imperative to the process.

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