How Team TYR Trains With Fins

When it comes to swim training, there’s a lot to be gained from the use of quality equipment. Whether you’re hoping to increase speed, amplify strength or hone in on your breathing, swim fins provide athletes with the ability to focus on specific areas, while enhancing balance and technique. To find out how Team TYR utilizes fins in their training routines, read on below.

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Stroke And Rhythm

Fins are an ideal tool for finding rhythm in your stroke. For Molly, this is a piece of equipment she turns to daily to hone in on overall alignment and body position in the water. Similarly, Dana emphasizes the importance of her fins feeling like an extension of her legs. As a butterfly swimmer she enjoys using her fins for flow drills without her arms, either with or without a snorkel.

Speed Training And Endurance Sets

Because fins are designed to uniquely improve kick technique and simultaneously reduce shoulder stress, they are a great instrument for both speed and endurance training. When utilized in a longer set, swimmers gain extra power through their kick while taking stress off of their arms. This in turn allows them to last longer in the water and ultimately, enhance their cardiovascular strength. In terms of speed, using fins in a sprint set helps you to reach new times without sacrificing technique.

For Katie, fins are a great instrument for engaging the legs. While training she gradually adds more speed equipment into her warm up to prepare for the pace of her main set. Simone, who also typically turns to fins while training will either pull hers out to prepare for a main set or during challenging breathing drills.

Warm Up And Warm Down

Warm up and warm down are essential aspects of a swim training regimen. When including fins into your workout you can ensure that you are both engaging and loosening your leg muscles without over exerting yourself. For Kelsi, this is a go-to way to give her shoulders a break at the end of a rigorous practice.