How To Care For Your Tech Suit

You asked, we answered!

Recently, we reached out on Instagram to find out what you wanted to see on the blog. In response many of you described wanting to know more about how to properly care for your tech suit.

So, to ensure that you’re getting the most out of our product we’ve created the easy-to-follow care instructions below. You can also find these tips on the packaging of your technical suit, as well as on our website. For women and girls, click here. For men and boys, visit here.

  1. When getting into your suit, be sure to take your time. Using great care will help to prevent you from causing rips or tears. Our “How To Put On Your Tech Suit” videos for both men and women are designed to help with this process.
  2. Your tech suit should be removed after each race. When taking it off, leave it inside out as you go.
  3. Avoid using your fingernails as this can cause rips in the fabric.
  4. Once your suit is off, turn it right-side out.
  5. After each use, rinse in clean, cold water.
  6. Always avoid using bleach, as this will break down the material.
  7. Lay your tech suit out flat to dry. Do not dry clean, iron or tumble dry.
  8. Avoid laying your suit out in direct sunlight, as this too can cause damage.
  9. When possible, always remember to return your tech suit to the bag provided. This will help to ensure that it stays clean and protected.

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