How To Use A Drag Chute

At TYR, we believe the work never stops- which is why we’ve designed our series of “How To” videos to help athletes properly take their training to the next level.

This week we’re diving into equipment, specifically the drag chute. So whether you’re just getting started or hoping to gain a few more tips and tricks- TYR’s got you covered.

Check out the video and our tips below, plus stay tuned for more tutorials to come!

The Riptide Drag Chute is a tool for adding additional resistance training into your regular routine. By requiring a constant source of propulsion throughout the entire stroke cycle, resistance training can aid swimmers in building a more powerful stroke, improving overall power and enhancing stroke efficiency. Here’s how it works:

  • To begin, place the waistband around your waist, securing the buckle and tightening the strap.
  • To ensure the chute will stay open while you swim, be sure to buckle the strap that crosses its opening.
  • Place the chute in the water, push off the wall and start to swim. To increase the resistance level, tighten the cord at the opening of the chute. The smaller the opening, the more resistance you will feel.
  • Practice Tip: The Riptide Drag Chute is designed to take your skills to the next level. Work on your distance per stroke by focusing on a long stroke with full extension, being sure to pull water throughout the entire stroke cycle. You can also practice strengthening your power by performing a set of short sprints while gradually increasing resistance.

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