Introducing Our All New Start to Swim™ Collection

As a sportswear brand founded and based within the swimming world, we at TYR Sport understand the importance of water safety, not only in the competitive arena, but also the recreational world. However, in recent years we’ve been alarmed by the lack of industry products that properly introduce young swimmers to the water. After all, we want our children swimming, not just floating!

In an effort to mediate that gap we have developed a series of flotation devices that not only keep children safe, but also provide them with the building blocks necessary to approach swimming as a life skill.  

Help your child to properly learn with our exclusive collection of Start to Swim™ products.

Check out the video below showcasing our TYR Kids’ Start to Swim Flotation Shirt. Coast Guard approved and available in high visibility colors, our Flotation Shirt provides young swimmers with 360º range of motion during every stroke. Ideal for pools and various water locations, each Start to Swim product empowers children to feel safe and capable as they learn to correctly move with full mobility through the water.