9 Things To Know Before Your First Yoga Class

    Recently, we shared a post explaining why yoga is a great way for swimmers to cross-train. From enhanced body awareness and mobility to decreased anxiety, there is a lot to be gained from regular time on the mat. However, hopping into your first yoga class can be intimidating (especially if you’re not familiar with the practice). So to help ease your mind and prepare you to flow, we’ve created our list of must-know tips for first time yogis. If you’re interested, check it out below.

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    Your Bloomington Recap

    The results are in, and Team TYR had quite a weekend in Indiana. For race results from the most recent stop of the TYR Pro Swim Series, read on below.

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    Your Pro Series Preview

    The fourth stop of the TYR Pro Swim Series is officially underway! If you won’t have a chance to head down to Bloomington for the meet, don’t worry! This weekend we’ll be giving you behind-the-scenes access to all things Pro Series. To follow along be sure to keep up with us on social media, and to watch coverage of your favorite athletes check out the broadcast schedule here.

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    Short Fins Vs. Long: When To Use Each

    Whether you’re a recreational or competitive swimmer, fins are a must have in your mesh bag. However, with a range of lengths and blade shapes to consider, determining which fin is best can be a challenging endeavor. So to help you understand the difference between short and long blade fins, we’re breaking things down below.

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    Get Set For Bloomington

    The fourth stop of the #TYRProSwimSeries in Bloomington, Indiana, is just about underway, and we’re excited to experience some incredible races. To support your favorite #TeamTYR athletes, be sure to tune in all weekend long! For more information on where you can watch, check out the schedule here.


    Mental Health Awareness Month With Lauren Goss

    As a brand dedicated to helping our community be the best they can be, both in and out of the water, we wanted to take this time to recognize the importance of Mental Health Awareness Month. Thanks to vital initiatives like this, sufferers and their families are finally feeling comfortable speaking out about the struggles they face. And we are eager to get involved.

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    Keep Up With The TYR Pro Swim Series

    With the conclusion of three successful Pro Swim Series events this year, it's safe to say that huge things are happening in the world of swimming. However, when it comes to exciting races, we're not finished quite yet. In fact we've got two more stops on the 2019 schedule!