Six Exercises for a Matt Grevers Six Pack

Curious about how 4X Olympic Gold Medalist Matt Grevers maintains those abs of steel? Well, so were we- which is why we sat down with him during our most recent trip to Palm Springs to find out.

Like many of Matt’s fans, we were interested in hearing just how the 6’8” team TYR athlete keeps his core looking and feeling its strongest. But for a swimmer, having powerful stomach muscles is about a lot more than aesthetics. An activated core helps to properly connect, drive and fire up the arms and legs, promoting a streamlined body position in the water. Strength training through the torso also empowers athletes to not only improve technique, but to enhance propulsion for a faster swim. And really, who wouldn’t want to shave off a second or two?

So, what’s Matt’s secret? Well, aside from healthy eating and spending tons of time in the pool, Matt is quick to note the importance of land workouts. But if wandering your way through weights and medicine balls isn’t really your thing, have no fear. Below are six do-anywhere exercises that require nothing but your very own body weight. Incorporate these into your regular routine and we’re sure you’ll start to see results. After all, look at Matt!

Sit Ups


Leg Raises

Grevers_WorkOut-1A Grevers_WorkOut-1B Grevers_WorkOut-1C

Flutter Kicks 




Bicycle Twists


Heel Taps