Spring Clean Your Swim Gear With These Easy Tips

Spring has sprung and we want to make sure that your favorite swim gear is up for the challenge. To keep your suits, goggles and equipment in the best condition possible we’ve compiled a list of easy to follow care tips. Read on to check them out below.


All swim products require proper preventative care. Keeping items clean and storing them in protective cases or cool, dry areas is an important place to start.


To ensure that your swimsuit lasts as long as possible, be sure to hand wash it in cold, fresh water with mild soap after every use. (Avoid detergent and bleach as these can breakdown the fabric.) After washing, hang dry your suit away from high heat. Do not iron or tumble dry.


Before entering the pool, be sure to take note of your goggles. If the visibility seems smokey, try not to rub at the lens with your finger. This can diminish the shelf life of the goggle’s anti-fog coating. Instead, use an anti-fog spray to safely clean each lens.

Once you’ve completed your swim, rinse goggles and equipment in cold, fresh water. This will help to ensure that you’ve removed all chemicals and chlorine from your training gear.

Next, lay out each item until it is completely dry. Doing so will help to avoid bacteria build up. Then store all swim gear in a safe, dry place. We suggest a protective goggle case or designated swim bag.


Hand washing your swim bag in fresh water is the best way to keep it clean.  Once you have rinsed it thoroughly, allow the bag to hang dry until it’s ready for use! Remember, gentle care is key.

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