We’re Changing the Paddle Game

    If you haven’t heard the buzz yet, let us fill you. This week we revealed to the world our all new Catalyst Stroke Paddles, an innovative collection of equipment every swimmer is sure to love. Designed to provide athletes with a customizable training experience, the patent pending Catalyst Stroke Collection is available in seven size options and can be strung a variety of ways, making it an ideal choice for both lap and advanced swimmers. In addition to building upper body strength and improving technique, Catalyst Stroke paddles also give swimmers the greatest available range of resistance. So, every swim proves a challenge. Want to learn more? Then head to…

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    TYR How To: Kick for a Maximized Freestyle Stroke

    At TYR, we’re always trying to up our game. So to help athletes around the world get the most out of their next swim, we’ve enlisted the assistance of some of the sport’s most recognized names. In our recent “TYR Sport How to Video” featuring 5x Olympic Gold Medalist and American Record Holder Dana Vollmer, we’re giving swimmers the low down on how to properly kick to maximize their freestyle stroke. Check it out below, and stay tuned for more videos to come!


    Meet Leah Smith

    Meet Leah Smith, 2x Olympic medalist, and now team TYR athlete. With an impressive career and even more promising future, get to know TYR’s newest freestyle specialist below. What is your favorite TYR Suit? Definitely, the TYR Women’s Motus Cutoutfit What is in your training bag on a typical day? On a typical day, my training bag would have a few practice suits with fun patterns, my cap and goggles, some hair products for my curly hair, headphones to get in the zone, flip-flops and a towel! What are five things no one knows about you? 1. I have a really good memory. 2. I love to scrapbook. 3. I have…


    Meet Tom Shields

    With an Olympic gold medal, three world championship gold medals and an American record  to his name, TYR athlete Tom Shields is no stranger to the podium. Interested in getting to no more about one of team TYR’s newest superstars? Read on for our Q & A below! Good Europe trip! Thanks for the fun times @fina1908 many more ahead. Repost @swim.world__olympic #teamtyr #gobears #swc17 A post shared by Tom Shields (@beefytshields) on Aug 13, 2017 at 12:33pm PDT What is your favorite TYR Suit?  The Men’s 4″ Water Polo Swimsuit in Black On a typical day, what would we find in your training bag?  Burner EBP fins, socks, the…