The Secret is Out

    We’ve launched our most anticipated technical suit: The TYR Venzo™. On October 3rd team TYR swimmers Katie Ledecky, Ryan Lochte, Simone Manuel, Matt Grevers, Dana Vollmer, Lia Neal, Jack Conger, Jacob Pebley, Ashley Twichell and Michael Chadwick hit the stage to showcase the Venzo™ in front of the industry’s most prominent names and tastemakers. Working in conjunction with the TYR design team, our athletes played an integral role in the production of this state-of-the-art technical suit. Want to know more? Here’s the specs: As the first and only technical suit in the industry to analyze drag from a microscopic perspective, the Venzo™ utilizes ultra smooth fiber to thread a frictionless, durable fabric.…


    Get Spring Break Ready!

    Although it may not feel like it (depending on where you live), according to the calendar it is officially spring. So to celebrate, we’re showing off  some of our favorite pieces from the 2018 Women’s Active and Women’s Sport Collections. After all whether you’re hitting the beach or heading to the pool, you’re going to need to gear up. Scroll down for some warm weather inspiration, and remember to tag us in all of your Spring Break pictures. We’re excited to see you sweat it out with TYR.  


    Score Weekend HOT BUYS All Month Long!

    At TYR Sport we’re all about celebrating the holidays while still scoring some savings. So, all month long we will be offering weekend Hot Buy deals on your favorite products! Check in to the blog  so you don’t miss out on the discounts! Next up: 30% Off  TYR Sack Packs! Offer ends Monday, Dec 18, 2017!


    A Pre-Workout Shake With Michael Chadwick

    When it comes to prepping for a hard training session, you need food that is going to fuel your body with nutrients and energy. So, who better to turn to for advice on a pre-workout snack than one of team TYR’s very own up and coming superstars? Aside from being the most decorated athlete in the history of the Missouri swimming program, Michael Chadwick is 4x Short Course World Championship medalist. As a newly sponsored member of the team TYR roster, he is gearing up for a major year ahead- and relying on his favorite go-to recipes to help him do it. In addition to trail mix and healthy snack…

  • NEWS

    Just Let Me Work

    TYR Sport is proud to announce the signing of 12X Olympic Medalist Ryan Lochte to our roster of sponsored athletes. As a truly iconic figure in the world of sports, Ryan has earned his status as one of history’s most recognizable names in swimming. Check out his debut in our all new marketing campaign “Just Let Me Work,” which provides fans with a glimpse into what motivates the decorated athlete moving forward. Ryan joins an accomplished team of TYR sponsored swimmers including Olympic Gold Medalists Dana Vollmer, Matt Grevers, Cody Miller and Kelsi Worrell, as well as Olympians Jacob Pebley and Molly Hannis.


    Healthy Holiday Hot Cocoa

    The holidays are here and with temperatures dropping, now is the perfect time to heat things up. Whether your streets are covered in snow or still sandy from the beach, nothing screams holiday like a mug of something sweet. So head to the kitchen to whip up our quick and easy Healthy Holiday Hot Cocoa. With nutritional alternatives it’s the guilt-free way to curb those seasonal cravings! Follow along with the pictures and instructions below for a step-by-step guide to making yours at home. Also, be sure to tag us in all of your healthy holiday treat pictures on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #TreatswithTYR. We can’t wait to…


    Fall Inspired Granola Bars

    Thanksgiving is on its way, and we are definitely excited to enjoy all of the savory spreads that accompany this very filling holiday. However, getting back out there after a big meal (or two) can be pretty tough. So, it’s super important to have light, healthy snacks before and after your next workout.   Enter the TYR No Bake Granola Bar. Packed with great taste, texture and good-for-you ingredients, this fall inspired treat is exactly what you need to get in the post holiday swing. Whether it’s a swim, bike ride, run or yoga class, these quick and easy bars are the perfect snack. Plus, they require no baking! Follow…

  • TIPS

    Ten Ways to Work Your Next Run

    After having the chance to check out all of the incredible athletes running the NYC Marathon, we felt inspired to dedicate one of our blogs to hitting the pavement (the right way). For those of you who enjoy running, hopefully these tips will help you to bring your skills to the next level. For others, maybe they will finally make the experience a bit more enjoyable. Either way, here are our top ten running tips: Commit to a schedule  If you’re an early riser, set your alarm and get out there. For those who would rather an extra few minutes of rest in the morning, be sure to pencil-in your…