Yoga for Triathletes

    From laps in the pool to laps on the course, triathletes certainly know a thing or two about pushing themselves to the limit. But when the training day is over and it’s finally time to cool down, lengthening your hard-working muscles is important. And what better way is there to do that than with some yoga? Whether you’re an avid yogi or yet to touch a mat, giving yourself time to stretch can be a calming way to not only aid in recovery but also re-center the mind. When it comes to triathlons, consistent training is the norm. However, constant strain on the body can often make athletes more susceptible…

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    Find Your Fit

    With practices and races galore, the last thing a swimmer needs is an ill-fitting suit. So whether it’s coverage or comfort you’re after, we’ve put together a few foolproof guides to help you find your perfect fit.   Check out the clickable images below to get started, and remember a video version of each style lives under all Performance and Fitness suits, exclusively at TYR.com.

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    Six Exercises for a Matt Grevers Six Pack

    Curious about how 4X Olympic Gold Medalist Matt Grevers maintains those abs of steel? Well, so were we- which is why we sat down with him during our most recent trip to Palm Springs to find out. Like many of Matt’s fans, we were interested in hearing just how the 6’8” team TYR athlete keeps his core looking and feeling its strongest. But for a swimmer, having powerful stomach muscles is about a lot more than aesthetics. An activated core helps to properly connect, drive and fire up the arms and legs, promoting a streamlined body position in the water. Strength training through the torso also empowers athletes to not…

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    Ten Ways to Work Your Next Run

    After having the chance to check out all of the incredible athletes running the NYC Marathon, we felt inspired to dedicate one of our blogs to hitting the pavement (the right way). For those of you who enjoy running, hopefully these tips will help you to bring your skills to the next level. For others, maybe they will finally make the experience a bit more enjoyable. Either way, here are our top ten running tips: Commit to a schedule  If you’re an early riser, set your alarm and get out there. For those who would rather an extra few minutes of rest in the morning, be sure to pencil-in your…