Talking Tech With Cody Miller

When it comes to performance technology, we’re always trying to push the limits of what’s possible. With our latest goggle release we decided to take peripheral range to a whole new level by expanding the view to 206° of side to side vision. As a brand we’re excited to provide athletes with a new goggle that includes industry leading features. But don’t just take our word for it. Let our resident experts tell you themselves!

To learn more about what makes the all new Tracer-X Goggle worth the hype, check out our quick chat with Cody Miller below. Then scroll down for some more product info.

In a recent vlog you mentioned that the Tracer-X is your new favorite goggle? Which pair have you been wearing?

CM: I love the Tracer X Nano. The fact that they’re small and low profile ensures that they don’t stick out too far from my face, which is really important to me.

Besides the low profile design, are there any other features you’re specifically enjoying?  

CM: Yes! They have a strong suction which is huge because most low profile goggles can’t provide that combination. Also, they don’t sit super close to my eyeballs. Even though they are sleek there’s lots of room inside of the lenses which makes them a lot more comfortable to wear while I race or train.

We’re glad to hear you’re loving the new goggles so much. If you had to pick one feature as your favorite for the Tracer-X what would it be?

My favorite element right now is the mirrored lenses. They have a multi-colored tint, but they aren’t super dark, which is awesome. A lot of mirrored goggles give off too much tint and are not super effective for swimming indoors, but that’s not the case with these. The Tracer-X is still bright inside, so I can wear them both inside and outside. To me, that’s a huge bonus!

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