Our 2015 Kona Packing List

Team TYR is headed to the Big Island for the 2015 Ironman World Championship. With only a few days before we ship out, we’re preparing for some hard work and of course, a little bit of fun in the sun.  Want to see what we’re bringing with us? Check out our packing list below:



  1. Limited Edition TYR Kona Hat
  2. Big Mesh Mummy Backpack
  3. Limited Edition Kona Special Ops 2.0
  4. Women’s Graphic Tee Shirts
  5. Women’s Amazonia Crosscutfit Tieback Workout Bikini
  6. TYR Plush Towel
  7. TYR Trucker Hat
  8. Women’s Topaz Peak Mesh Paired Up Swim Tank and Women’s Topaz Peak Mesh Active Mini Swim Skort
  9. Convoy Check-in Wheel Luggage