Travel Tips From Team TYR

With the second stop of the TYR Pro Swim Series only a few days away, we decided to dedicate this week’s blog to all things travel.

From packing to training, Team TYR’s finest are on a mission to help you have your best trip yet. So grab your suitcase and read on below.


When it comes to packing Molly Hannis is giving you an inside look at what she brings and where she stores it.

In her carry-on bag she typically includes the following:

  • 1) Extra suits, caps and goggles in case of lost luggage
  • 2) Entertainment: headphones, iPad (or laptop), books, movies, etc.
  • 3) Snacks
  • 4) A spare change of clothes

In her checked bag she usually brings:

  • 1) General clothing
  • 2) Training equipment: mesh bag, fins, pull buoy, etc.
  • 3) Miscellaneous must haves: compression pants, fins, a large tea mug and a framed picture of her family.

For Ashley Twichell, having a comfortable pillow is essential. So one thing she never leaves home without is a pillow pet. This is a perfect size for long flights, as well as for general use wherever she ends up.

To Leah Smith, travel is all about being comfortable, relaxed and stress free. Aside from packing recovery gear and entertainment, she loves to throw fun beauty products like face masks, lotions and hydrating mists into her carry-on.

Takeaway: Preparation = Comfort


In the words of Leah Smith, “places like Cinnabon can be tempting.” However, as a general rule of thumb every athlete stresses the importance of packing healthy snacks. For Leah, that typically means fruit or nuts. Similarly, Molly, Katie, Ashley and Ryan all suggested light, nutrient dense treats.

Takeaway: Don’t Skimp On The Snacks.


A day of travel can be exhausting both mentally and physically. To set herself up for success Ashley tries to sneak in a pre-flight workout. If you can’t get in the water before heading out of town, she suggests trying an easy at home stretch or something you can find on your phone.

Much like Ashley, Ryan emphasizes the importance of movement. However, he tends to opt for a post travel stretch.

Another hot tip from Team TYR? Drink a ton of water. Hydration helps to aid in recovery, and keeps your body feeling healthy and energized.

Takeaway: Show Your Body Some Love.


Prior to a big trip, Katie commits to upping her sleep schedule. This gives her body extra time to prepare for the taxing nature of travel. To help minimize potential jet lag, she recommends implementing this tactic a few days before heading out of town.

Similarly, Molly tries to get a head start on her time away by creating a plan for the week. She suggests communicating with your coach before traveling to ensure you bring exactly what you need. Plus, knowing your schedule ahead of time will likely help you to stay on track with your workout regimen.  

Takeaway: Preparation Is Key.


With rest always at the forefront of her mind, Katie uses her travel time to relax as much as possible. Being flexible and prepared helps her to adjust plans as needed, so she can remain calm and comfortable. To aid in this process she recommends having fun things to do on the flight. Some of her favorites include listening to music, watching movies and taking naps.

Another tip for getting your mind right while in route to a big meet? Visualization. Sometimes during flights Katie and Leah will each block out some time to focus. For Leah this is an important balance that allows her to feel prepared and happy before a meet.

If visualization, meditation or quiet focus feels uncomfortable for you, Katie suggests  physically writing out reminders to yourself about how you want your race to go.

Takeaway: Believe It To Achieve It.