TYR How To: Proper Backstroke Kick

With the 2018 TYR Pro Swim Series well underway, we want to help athletes up their game in time for race day.

In our most recent “TYR Sport How to Video” we’re diving into how to achieve a proper kick in your backstroke, featuring none other than 6x Olympic Medalist and 23x World Championship Medalist Matt Grevers. Check out the video and our tips below, plus stay tuned for more tutorials to come!

Proper kick is essential for not only propelling you through the water, but also aiding in the rotation phase of your backstroke.

  •  Kick from the hip with a relatively straight leg – a slight micro-bend will naturally occur. This is okay. Squeeze your glutes together to keep the knees from bending too much.
  •  Always kick with pointed toes (your foot and calf should be mostly relaxed). This will allow you to maintain a streamlined position.
  • Keep a tight, narrow, consistent kick no more than 6-8 inches up and down. The foot should graze the top of the water, but never fully exit.