TYR How to: Proper Butterfly Stroke

At TYR, we’re all about upping our game- which is why we’ve designed our series of How to Videos to help athletes take their training to the next level.

In our most recent upload we’re diving into how to achieve a proper hand position in your butterfly stroke, featuring none other than 6x Olympic Medalist and 23x World Championship Medalist Matt Grevers. Check out the video and our tips below, plus stay tuned for more tutorials to come!

Proper butterfly stroke technique helps to keep balance between your body movement and leg kick. Butterfly arms are a continuous and simultaneous movement that require significant upper body strength.

Begin with the front of the stroke. Extend your arms straight out along the surface of the water keeping your middle fingers in line with your shoulders. Next drop the fingertips to face the bottom of the pool, popping your elbows up as if you are wrapping your arms around a barrel.

Next check in with your pull. Guide your thumbs outside the blue/black line at the bottom of the pool. This will force you to push the water straight back towards your feet.

Finally, brush your thumbs past your thigh as you finish the stroke, pushing back as much water as possible.

Practice Tip- You can improve your timing in this stroke by practicing single arm butterfly breathing to the side.