TYR Sport Takes on Captiva Island with Helen Owen and Madi Louch

With our newest Spring/Summer collection in tow, we packed our bags for some sun, sand and salt. Jetting to the beautiful beaches of Captiva Island, we were ready to explore everything this seaside paradise has to offer. And who better to join in on the fun than up-and-coming “it girls” Helen Owen and Madi Louch?

With a combined audience of over 1 million followers on Instagram, Helen and Madi know a thing or two about taking an awesome picture. As an aspiring designer, Helen has an eye for style. While, Madi, the trendsetting DJ, can definitely rock a bikini. Whether it’s a snorkeling trip offshore or a few hours of paddleboard drifting, these friends perfectly embody the energy of TYR swimwear.

Float on for a first look at the video below.