Your IMKona 2018 Round Up

What a year it has been!

We’ve just arrived home from the 2018 IRONMAN World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii and to say we had fun would be an understatement. For highlights, photos and athlete finishes read on below.

Sarah True

Sarah placed 4th in her first ever IMKona race. 

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?: So Sarah, what did you think of your first Kona/ @ironmantri World Champ experience? Me: Yeah, the death march of the last few miles was brutal, but I’m freaking proud of sticking it out for 4th and I learned a whole bunch. 10 of the biggest lessons: 1) pacing is important, especially for a marathon off the bike in the heat 2) it’s impossible to a race suit back on at the finish line when you are totally delirious (sorry to my sponsors. I tried!) 3) walking aid stations to drink coke might save your race 4) Other pros have fancy interview shirts and entourages. Time to raise my game 5) when in doubt, apply more body glide 6) if coach says, “the fitness is okay & a good race is possible”, I can’t wait to see what can happen when he thinks the fitness is good 7) I need 2 weeks for the body to recover from the race and an additional 4 more weeks of recovery from talking & my permagrin 8) if hula were the fourth discipline, I’d have an advantage 9) I can go faster over this distance. And that’s pretty exciting 10) I cannot wait until next year ?: @triathletemag #ironman #triathlon #kona

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Josh Amberger

Josh was the first male competitor out of the water. 

Mirinda Carfrae

Rinny placed 5th with her fastest time ever.

Andy Potts

Andy earned an 8th place finish.